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Elijah Fox b@1800, N.C. - my brick wall
My Fox line is rather short... I'd love to confirm it further..
My Great-great-Grandmother was Sarah Fox, born 1836 in Warren County, TN
Her father was Elijah Fox, born @1800ish in North Carolina according to census records.
We have no record of who her mother may have been,
We also have no paper trail for Elijah's family.

DNA connects us to several Fox lines, who, if their documentation is correct leads us to William Fox and Frances Paine.
I can connect to matches that seem to be descended from 4 of their children as well as to descendants of William's brother James. So, I don't know if Elijah was Williams's son, or James'. I have found not connections to the Paine's yet, but it's so far back that it may be 'faded' out of my pool. Same goes for James' wife Sarah Collier.

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