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Found me a new cousin!
10-01-2009, 06:00 PM,
Found me a new cousin!
Recently, quite by accident (isn't that always the way), I located another cousin.

While searching, again, for some clues on a particular 'lost' branch of the family, I found a public tree on Ancestry that actually showed a child for Thomas Williamson and Carrie Cypher... the first time I had seen anyone list a child other than folks that had found the same census page I had from 1920. We haven't been able to find them in the 1930 census at all. No name for this child, just 'Living'.
Anyway, this tree listed some info I hadn't seen, so I contacted the posted who had posted it. I got a 1 line email in reply.
"That's Travis Williamson's family, you can call him at xxx-xxx-xxxx"

So, after a little self-debate, I call Travis and find a new cousin on the other end of the phone. Travis confirmed he was Thomas’ son and that he and his siblings had never really known anything about the rest of the Williamson family.

Travis' father and mother had packed up and moved to Wyoming around 1915 right after they were married. Oddly enough, they show up on the Illinois census in 1920, with 2 children both born in Wyoming, but then I can't find them in the 1930 census, although I know they were back in Wyoming or Idaho at the time.
So, Tom's family was the 'lost' line, and now it's been found.

Travis doesn't like computers, so we're communicating my phone and snail mail, he'll be filling me in on his branch of the tree.

Jim Williamson
Meadowbrook, IL
10-08-2009, 09:45 PM,
Re: Found me a new cousin!
It is always such a thrill when you find someone or pictures.  Louise

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