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We're Moving!
11-15-2011, 07:54 PM,
We're Moving!
  I am moving the forums, the new home is not quite as pretty, yet.
  I have been maintaining multiple sites for various lines, and having to jump here and there to keep things up to date, wash out the spam, sort through the spammer registrations to find the 'normal' people, etc.
    The pace site gets quite a bit of traffic, lots of reads on the data posted here, but no new data in a long time, no cross chatter, etc, so it is basically just a repository of information. I can combine all the sites I run into one spot, and save myself some headaches, while keeping the information posted available to anyone who needs it, and it is still attributed to the original poster.
  All site accounts are being moved over as well, so if you had an account here, you'll find it now at

  Thanks folks, hopefully this reaches most of you... the site will be being deleted soon, when the domain name expires, in the meantime, happy hunting!

  Jim Williamson
Jim Williamson
Meadowbrook, IL

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